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《收集個人資料聲明》 你所提供的資料,包括《個人資料(私隱)條例》所指的個人資料,只會用於相關活動。為讓你得知最新活動的資料,我們將使用你的個人資料,包括你的姓名、電話號碼、郵寄和電郵地址,為你提供有關的課程、活動、服務及資訊,請按以下「同意」並「提交」。你的個人資料亦可能被用作研究或統計用途。你有權要求查閱及修正你的個人資料,也可選擇是否同意接收上述資訊。琥珀教育及aec教育顧問希望為你提供準確而貼身的一站式升學服務,過程中需要聯絡學生或家長提供最新的海外升學資訊及更新申請狀況。 The information you provided, including the personal data referred to "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", is only for the mentioned events. To provide you the latest activities and news, we will use your personal data including your name, telephone, correspondence address and email address for our marketing promotion, please fill in this form and press agree and submit to complete the registration. Your personal data may be used for analytics purpose. You have the right to check and correct your personal data, and also disagree to receive our latest news and information.
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